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How did we end up here?


We are a mother-son team that works together to capture beautiful, dimensional photographs for our clients' various marketing needs. 

Danelle German started taking photographs when she was 10 years old and got her first C110 camera. Her love of photography led her to trade up to a Canon A1 and collect a variety of lenses, shooting both color and black and white. One of her most memorable photoshoots in those early days was done in an historic cemetery in downtown Greenville, SC. 

When Danelle was in her 30s, she entered a photo contest sponsored by the Greenville News with a photo of one of her daughters wrapped in an American flag. She placed in the contest. Some years later, upon a visit to the news editor's office was surprised to see her framed photograph on display. 

Danelle's journey into professional photography really began after she started several other successful businesses and developed a very niche career teaching marketing specifically within the pet industry. A combined understanding of both marketing strategies and photography give her an edge that definitely helps Fourth Dimension Photography clients receive the right image to best tell their unique story and evoke the emotions suited to specific products and services.


Joel German began his story at a slightly younger age of 8 years old. He acquired his first camera and though it was only a desposible 35mm camera it was all Joel needed to start him down the journey of a lifetime. Now 20 years (and a countless number of cameras) later Joel sports a large FStoppers camera bag full of gear readying him for any adventure the future holds. 

Over the last 14 plus years Joel has worked, and continues to work, very closely with the public and through doing so has established a keen ability to understand and adapt to those around him. He never meets a stranger and has a gravitating and charismatic personality. Furthermore, Joel has a way of seeing the world in a different, and often deeper, light than most people. This is displayed in his photography by capturing a moment rather than an image.

Joel believes that a photograph should evoke one's emotions to a point of captivation and inspiration, be that for a moment or a lifetime. When asked what his passions are in life he will tell you, "I'm passionate about people -- Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm fascinated by each one. I'm passionate about photography -- because with a camera in my hand I'm able to stop time, to capture what most people miss, and display it for the world to enjoy. Naturally with those two passions comes the desire to travel -- because in order to adopt my first two passions I must first leave my doorstep and explore the world." 

We travel worldwide, providing a portfolio of images based on our clients' needs. 

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