1960 Corvette

We had the distinct pleasure of using this beautiful 1960 Corvette in an engagement shoot we did recently at Lake Robinson in Greer, SC.  The owner of the car was kind enough to park it lakeside and allow the engagement couple, Matt and Brookley, to climb inside for a series of shots as well as pose beside the car, sometimes using guns as well. We had a really great time shooting such a unique prop!

The car boasts all original parts from 1960, including the tires! Not bad for a 55-year old beauty! It has been featured in Burger King commercials and appeared in the movie “Shag” in 1989. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s famous too!

Vette Shag
See the rear of the Corvette in the foreground? That’s the one we used for Matt and Brookley’s photo shoot.

We heard rumors that the car may be for sale to the right buyer. Interested?  Let us know and we’ll put you in contact with the owner.