An Angry Hippo and a Crazy Baboon

During our first week in Uganda we covered a lot of ground. Literally. Over speed bumps and mountains, dodging potholes and boda bodas, making sure not to take out a goat or cow along the way, we made our way from Entebbe to Kampala to Mbarara to Karungu to Jinja. Dusty and sweaty we bounced along what could hardly be called roads, stopping periodically to squat over questionable potty holes to empty hurting bladders when we simply couldn’t hold it any longer. Short calls, as they say.

It was worth it though because somewhere in middle of it all we came across some of the most exquisite creatures to roam this earth. We saw them in their natural habitat. An excursion through the Queen Elizabeth Park reserve and on a boat around a lake allowed us an up-close look at water buffalo, monitor lizards, monkeys, baboons, crocodiles, warthogs, elephants, unusual deer-type animals that I can’t recall the name of, and birds of an amazing variety! Such an exotic landscape filled with creatures I had never seen before outside of a zoo-type setting. What fun! And, oh yes, there were the zebras we saw along the road on our way back to Igongo!

If you ever venture to this part of the world, come prepared to take a rough ride, but also come prepared to stand beside elephants walking toward the water for their evening dip or get charged by an angry hippopotamus! Yes, we did get charged by an angry hippo! Fortunately we were in a vehicle with a driver that responded quickly when his son yelled, “Dad, Dad, Daddy!!”

I will admit I am somewhat disappointed that I did not get to see a lion while here. Well, really I’m greatly disappointed. But, then…..on the upside…..this just gives me yet another reason to return again in the future!

I hope you enjoy the photos that Halla and I took on our excursion to Queen Elizabeth Park!

To view my top picks from the Uganda trip, check out the album here. Photos can be downloaded and shared by using PIN code 4618. Please feel free to share individual photos or the entire album. The more people learn about Call to Africa and the country of Uganda, the greater the reach!

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