Introduction to Project Alchemy

Alchemy /noun/: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

I’m usually working on some sort of project whether it’s with photography or otherwise. Having numerous developments helps me stay focused and creates new skillsets. I wanted to take a few moments and introduce one of my most beloved projects.

For quite some time, I’ve been driven to inspire others to take a deeper look and drop their self-projective filters. People tend to rationalize the mindset of “You need to think like me and see the world like me.” Everyone has their own stories and life experiences that exist within, and these confines tend to become all-encompassing until they only see their own perspective.

Constantly, I see people get stuck in life with no association, and human beings need that social connection. There is an emphasis on “what will best serve me” while negating other people. I’ve seen a lot of people expect to be understood without likewise seeking to understand others. This causes disconnect.

That’s where Project Alchemy comes in.

I began this project to show there’s more than what meets the eye when we look at someone. It’s my desire to help people understand that fellow humans are more than physical characteristics. I want to inspire people to take a moment to look deeper and realize people around them may be going through the same things as themselves, This small act creates common ground. Slowly, a transformation can be witnessed. It’s taking something common (a face to face interaction) and making it into something special (a deeper heartfelt connection). Project Alchemy is about the process of transformation to see the deeper parts of people — The goal of this project is to inspire you to see other people for who they are, where they come from, and where they are going.

I can’t wait to share more of this story with you.



Chess Lessons

I was more serious as a kid. More than anything, I loved the idea of strategy and thinking things through. While English was torture, my refuge was math. So when it came to games, chess quickly grabbed and held my attention.

“Chess Grand Master Vs. New Hopeful Challenger”

From a very young age, I relentlessly wanted to play. I lost hundreds of games to my patient father who got a kick, I’m sure, from my persistence to win. And win I did, more and more, to the point that my dad hasn’t played me in years. 

One of the last times I played was against a ranked chess Grandmaster. He humbly smiled as we sat down to play. I threw a few jokes out about needing a crash course on how the pieces move. He laughed and said, “You aren’t fooling me with that talk.” He had been undefeated for a while. In fact, he was quick to brag under his breath about his victories around the world against other ranked Grandmasters. 

I was the hired photographer for that weekend’s wedding, and I was shooting the rehearsal and family gathering the night before the wedding when I met this fine fellow. Shortly after meeting, I experienced one of the most glorious moments of my life by saying the words “checkmate” with tamed excitement. 

He scratched his head in disbelief as the whole family looked at the marvel they just witnessed. Their world renowned, undefeated, patriarch had just met his match. Eagerly rushing the game pieces back onto the board, he humbly requested a rematch. Instead, I simply stood up, extended my hand, and said “Thank you, sir. However, I must get back to work.”

With his attention remaining intent on a rematch, my dear friend had a line of family members eager to play him instead. I had inspired the idea that what was once impossible was now possible. Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something.

“Chess challenges continued long into the night”

Who am I – Joel German

Hi there, and welcome. Once in a while, I think it’s important to introduce who we are as people. Getting a glimpse into the interworking of humanity ties us together. So who am I?

I’m Joel German.

I am an investor of my time and talents into the betterment of those I meet. I am goal oriented and have clear direction in multiple aspects of life, and I choose to be intentional with my time. It’s important to me to leave people better than I found them. I lead conversations, relationships, and interactions in the direction of progress while investing my time in learning and growing others. Daily, I deliberately expand my network of people. 

More than anything, it’s imperative to invest time and energy into advancing my photography skill set until others see me as the best in the world because I see myself as the best photographer in the world. I spend time daily honing my skills as I have clear goals I want to achieve. 

This is my career and my life’s work. I use my photography to influence and motivate. 

My personality allows me to draw near to people and learn their stories. I’ve learned to break down barriers where others cannot, and I create a trust in the interactions and relationships I develop. 

Every day, I’m learning to be a better version of myself. I hope you’ll follow me on this journey.

About Danelle

Danelle German is a long-time homeschool mom of 5 and owner of multiple businesses. Danelle is the inventor of Chubbs Bars pet shampoo as well as co-inventor of the The Catty Shack Vac drying system. She is a published author and travels internationally as a speaker in the pet industry. Photography has been her passion and hobby for many decades. In 2015, Danelle and her oldest son, Joel, made photography more than a passion by taking their work professional with the launch of Fourth Dimension Photography.