A Wintery Wonderland Adventure

The alarm retired any further idea of quiet peace. The new day was upon us. With it came adventure, opportunities, and excitement. I stirred from my bed and made my way through a warm shower and quickly pulled on the new day’s outfit. Bags packed. Gear loaded. It was time to hunt down some hot coffee and journey toward the Charlotte Airport.
Delta safely delivers us and our camera gear to a chilly Chicago. The date is November 7. In case you have not walked the streets of downtown Chicago in November allow me to enlighten you. Think dark, Winter night (Yes, I know we just arrived during the day but the weather was overcast). The cold air cut through clothing with each whisper from the wind like a warm knife glides through soft butter. Layers? We found out the hard way that 3 layers just is not enough. So it is with great relief that we pile into our rental car and start our trek in the direction of photography needs.
The nature of our wintery wonderland adventure is photography based. Our client, Vintage Elements, has installed some of the most beautiful reclaimed French Oak hardwood floors feet have ever enjoyed. Our mission, as we chose to except, is to capture the naturally stunning character of the floors before us. And capture it we did. This is one of many elegant installments Vintage Elements has hand made for its clients.
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