Black Diamond Headlamps Are Forever

Headlamp flashlight
The temperature is flirting with the freezing line. Rain is coming down hard as it overwhelms the earth with its power. The debate between the group of runners begins as a text plea for mercy from peers, “Are we running tonight?” The group leader offers a way out for everyone with mention that he is still overcoming the linger of a cough. One group member takes the bait and yields to the poor excuse not to rise above the occasion. It is in this moment that the dark of night starts to solidify the feeling of staying indoors — Comfort and laziness cheer on at the idea of their assumed victory. As the flicker of motivation dims in our minds a last attempt is made at rallying the group. “We are running!” Exclaims the newest group member. “It’s going to be cold. We will get wet. However, with proper gear and the right mindset we will own the night. Get ready. We are running!”
Another group member quickly backs up the motion with, “Grab headlights! Let’s do it!”

I head for my gear closet and uncover my headlamp. “Let’s see how the battery juice is since I used this thing last?” After examining it I exclaim, “Fully Charged! This thing is a beast!”
It’s been 12 years since I purchased my Black Diamond headlamp. I bought it off the shelf of my local Half Moon Outfitters and since have put it to countless tests. I have put this thing through the wringer. It has been all over the world with me and seen the wildest of situations. From cave exploring deep beneath the earth to late night construction jobs in South America. This thing has seen more camping adventures than any one friend of mine. It’s been dropped, smashed against rock faces, soaked, run through all temperatures. And now, it is about to help light the way for me on this 5 mile trail run through the freezing rain. Bring on the night!
Who knows how old these batteries are but they brought those Black Diamond LED’s to life as if if were their sole reason for being. I made my strap adjustments and mounted my headlamp. With the rest of my gear applied I stepped into the experience that was about to be my life for the proceeding near future. Hello Wintery Hell. With my muscles already starting to contract in the cold of night I took off with my group of runners. I had numb feet two minutes later after blitzing through flooded trail. Still I ran. My light continued to lead my way through what some would call a “No – go” situation. I was on a mission — I had a goal to accomplish.

Let me be clear. No one was making me subject myself to these conditions. I wanted it. Disreali once said, “Life is too short to be little.” That is a quote I have often applied to my life. I have constantly looked for ways to learn more, do more, and be more. So I ran that trail like it was my sole reason for being in that moment. Likewise, I have found life to be far more enjoyable and easier to succeed with the correct gear. Because every adventure has its tough spots. So it was with tough gear that I pounded that path — I blazed my way under the guiding light of my headlamp. My Black Diamond headlamp.
Acquire tough. Acquire Black Diamond.

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The lamp pictured is obviously not in production any more (At least to my knowledge). The closest I could find is in the link below: