Joy to the World

What a joy it has been to work at Sangaalo home for children in Jinja this past week! The Call to Africa team served by helping with the feeding, bathing, dressing, and general care of the 32 children living at Sangaalo. We also worked around the farm, caring for the animals, building nesting boxes in […]

Halla the Vet

I am so proud of Halla! She has been such a trooper as we’ve covered miles upon miles of Ugandan countryside and congested city traffic. She has spent the better part of this week playing with and caring for children at an orphanage near Jinja, providing much needed-respite for the hard-working ladies that work there […]

Piggy Power

The power of a single piglet is greater than one might imagine. A piggy can provide for a single person or it can empower an entire village. The story of two piglets has impressed me in such a way that I simply must share the story with you. In 2003, Christian pastor and veterinarian Joseph […]

An Angry Hippo and a Crazy Baboon

During our first week in Uganda we covered a lot of ground. Literally. Over speed bumps and mountains, dodging potholes and boda bodas, making sure not to take out a goat or cow along the way, we made our way from Entebbe to Kampala to Mbarara to Karungu to Jinja. Dusty and sweaty we bounced […]

Dream Come True

For as long as I can remember I have been in love with Africa. It may have started with a novel I read once that took place in various parts of this most exotic continent. Whatever it was, Africa captured my attention and has beckoned me ever since. Today, at the age of 47, I […]

The Passing of the Cow

It is nearly midnight here in Uganda. It has been a long but productive day. I have so much to say…… today a cow in Uganda was named after me. And one after my daughter, Halla, who is with me here on this trip as part of the Call to Africa mission group. It has […]

It’s the Little Things in Life

It really is the little things in life. I tend to forget this and need a reminder from time to time. On Sunday, my daughter Halla and I flew from Greenville, SC to Entebbe, Uganda in East Africa. We arrived safe and sound but my luggage did not. It got lost for several days, probably […]

McKayla Mixed Media Canvas

McKayla is a beautiful girl with a beautiful story. The day Joel and I shot photos for McKayla’s family at Pelham Mill this image grabbed me. I remember trying to pose seven people of greatly varying heights along an old wooden fence overlooking the Enoree River. McKayla wasn’t pay attention to anything but the river […]

Mother and Daughter Mixed-Media Canvas

This is my first attempt at a mixed media piece using one of my photos as the focal point. I’ve loved this image from the moment I saw it through my camera lens…..mother and daughter sharing a quiet moment on a beautiful South Carolina evening in midst of a wedding celebration. The bride, Aspen, and […]

On Being Artsy

My job has taken me around the globe and allowed me to see many corners of our vast world. I’ve always wanted to hang photographic snippets of my adventures on the living room wall. The only thing stopping me was time and not having a clear idea of how I wanted to display the photos. […]