Let me start out by stating that I do not work for any essential oil company nor do I sell essential oils. But I do love me some EOs!  I started using oils on occasion after my cousin in North Carolina testified to the great results she’d had treating her health issues and her daughter’s asthma with a variety of EOs. Since my youngest daughter has pretty severe asthma, I though “why not?” Thus started my dabbling in Doterra oils.

Since then I have created a nice little collection of mostly Doterra oils, with a smattering of Young Living, Native American, and a few off-brands thrown in just to keep things interesting. As 2015 went by, I found myself going to the oils for more and more uses. I even bought a book to help me know what oil to use for what problem and where to apply.

But it wasn’t until my visit to Brisbane in August that I was really, really sold on this whole essential oil craze.

I’ve been to Australia 7 or 8 times in the past few years. I know full well what the jet lag of being on the other side of the world feels like. I know what it’s like to travel for 30-some hours and arrive in a new land mid-morning, lacking sleep, and staying up that first Australian day only to find myself wide awake at 3:00am. I know what it’s like to go through all of that and then have to teach seminars and do demos all the next day when my body should really be sleeping. So this last time, when I was in Brisbane staying  with my gracious host, Reeda Close, I noticed the huge difference that essential oils were making. While I was slathering myself with all sorts of wonderful natural oils, Reeda was diffusing amazing concoctions of the same into the air day and night. I have never slept so well in Australia!  I have never been so alert that first day of teaching!

The real clincher for me though was the fact that I did not get sick! Even though I was sleep deprived and had spent what seemed like days upon days in airports and on airplanes, I was not sick. Even though the guy next to me on the flight from Sydney to Brisbane was blowing all sorts of icky snot out of his nose and sharing his sick germs with everyone on the plane, I did not get sick. Even though I left my 100 degree South Carolina summer to set foot in an Australian winter, I did not get sick. I almost always get sick in these types of scenarios. Trust me, I know this. I travel an extraordinary amount and I tend to get sick from it all. But my last trip to Oz, and the many subsequent trips to all sorts of climates and environments thereafter, have left me healthy and strong. I have not been sick in over a year (knocking on a big piece of wood here…). I’m going to thank my oils for this. Thank you to Reeda for teaching me more about oils and keeping me well upon arrival in Brissy.

I’ve been using Ylang Ylang a lot on my neck and shoulders to relax and chill. And Aroma Touch – I think I’m addicted to that one. Both cause noticeable relaxation. I use them daily, several times per day. Peppermint and Wild Orange go on my neck each morning for a nice kick in the butt to get things done. I’m finding myself applying another drop of the Peppermint/Orange duo again in late morning or early afternoon. Makes me feel like an Energizer Bunny.

I love Breathe, Cardamom, and Lavender in the diffuser at night to significantly lessen the amount of as well as volume of my dear husband’s snoring. I haven’t felt the urge to beat the crap out of him or smother him with a pillow since I discovered that nifty little cocktail of oils. This is life-changing, keep-me-out-of-jail stuff here!

Some other favorites……White Fir on the feet. Or Lemongrass. Yes, I do love Lemongrass. I also put Lemon in my water most days. Oh, and the Flu Bomb combo Reeda gave me is truly the bomb! My husband has been sick for the past week, but the rest of us are Flu Bombing it and have, thus far, escaped the ick.

I apply, diffuse, eat, and sniff oils (only some can be ingested). And I find the effects to be noticeable in my overall health and well-being (mentally, physically, and emotionally). I highly recommend getting oily.